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The Roman Catholic Problem

According to the Church of Rome, all Protestants are heretics and anathema. The Church of Rome claims that it alone is the true church and that there is no salvation outside it. This is sometimes denied by Roman Catholics, but is abundantly documented by the statements and decrees of Popes and church councils. Too few of us see Romanism in its true light, despite all of its tragedy and tactics over the centuries. Below, are most, but not all of Catholicism's additions to the Christian faith.

Those underlined have been useful and are recognized by Protestants as well, such as Lent, Good Friday, and spiritual disciplines also known as sacraments.

* The daily mass, 394 A.D.
* Doctrine of purgatory (Pope Gregory), 593 A.D.
* Prayers to the Virgin, Queen of Heaven, 600 A.D.
* The first Pope (Boniface III), 610 A.D.
* Kissing the Pope's foot began in 709 A.D.
* Temporal power of the Pope declared in 750 A.D.
* Worship of images, relics, and the cross, 788 A.D.
* Holy water, blessed by a priest, 850 A.D.
* Veneration of St. Joseph 890, A.D.
* Canonization of dead saints (Pope John XV), 995 A.D.
* Lent and Good Friday began in 998 A.D.
* Mass made a sacrifice of Christ, 1050 A.D.
* Celibacy of priesthood and nuns, 1079 A.D.
* Rosary introduced by Peter the Hermit, 1090 A.D.
* Selling indulgences began in 1190 A.D.
* Doctrine of transubstantiation adopted in 1215 A.D.
* Confession of sins to human priest, 1215 A.D.
* Adoration of the water (Pope Honorius), 1220 A.D.
* Interpretation of Bible forbidden to laity, 1229 A.D.
* Scapular made a charm against danger, 1287 A.D.
* Communion under one kind, 1414 A.D.
* Seven sacraments declared, 1439 A.D.
* Ave Maria superstitions (Pope Sextus V), 1508 A.D.
* Tradition established as infallible, 1545 A.D.
* Apocryphal books added to the Bible, 1546 A.D.
* Immaculate conception, The Virgin Mary, 1854 A.D.
* Infallibility of the Popes, 1870 A.D.
* Mary declared to be the Mother of God, 1931 A.D.
* Assumption of the Virgin Mary, 1950 A.D.
This is only a partial list of the false doctrines that the Roman hierarchy has added to the Bible. All of them are without a shred of divine authority...three-quarters of these traditions and dogmas accepted by the Roman Catholic Church are of pagan origin. This has even been admitted by prominent Roman Catholics themselves.

The Roman Catholic Church is riddled with numerous errors ranging from aberrant to heretical. The worship and adoration of Mary is one of the churches biggest heresies. 1 Timothy 2:5, dogmatically states, "There is one God, and One mediator between God and men, the Man, Jesus Christ." Catholics not only pray to Mary, which is sacrilegious, but they have also made up lies about the life and character of Mary. Catholicism, without any objective source, and independent of The Bible, endorse what they call The Immaculate Conception, teaching that Mary was born without the stain original sin. They also teach the bodily assumption of Mary, which also has no merit, nor any objective reference in history. Furthermore, they teach that The Bible is not the sole source for divine revelation. This audacity calls for alarm. Instead, The Pope and the Catholic Church claim to be a source for divine revelation, over and above The Bible. Catholicism also teaches that works play a part in salvation. This is another heretical doctrine.

In the dark past of the Roman Church, there have been thousands of people murdered for speaking out against the church, and even for printing Bibles, and encouraging the laity to read the Bible. On many occasions, Catholic priests have been uncovered in acts of homosexuality, sodomy, and child molestation. Only after continual outcry from the public, did The Roman Church make any attempt to address the issue. The Roman Catholic Church also has 18 extra books in their Bible that are not inspired works of God.

Rome claims to be the only true church. What they don't tell you is that The Eastern Orthodox Church broke away from Rome due to false teaching. Likewise, the heresies of Rome led to The Protestant Reformation and the formation of The Protestant Church. The Protestant Church recognizes The Bible as God's authority over sinful man. Protestantism also teaches Biblical truth such as that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. The Protestant Bible only includes the books that were discovered to be divinely inspired.