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About Brian Craig

Hello, I am Brian Craig, the creator of DefendChrist.Org. I am 59 years old and have lived in Texas most of my life. The quintessential prodigal child, my father and mother divorced when I was only 3 years old. Around a year before they split up I caught on fire one winter morning as they lay in bed asleep. I got too close to the heater and my pajamas went ablaze burning the back of one leg with 3rd degree burns. Looking back, I think this may have been one thing that really messed me up emotionally. We were poor and my mother worked in the local seafood store, and at a leather company. As I recovered and got older I ran the streets with a couple of other kids starting at a very early age and started what turned out to be a life of trouble.

I still remember, how with one friend we went to another friend's garage and sprayed paint in a bag and sniffed it. I hated it but I went along to fit in with the others. Years later the same three of us that sniffed the paint were in a bad car accident. One friend crushed his ankle and lay in a hospital bed on his back for more then 9 months. God turned him around in time. A few years later he was coaching for the Buffalo Bills. He still coaches at the college level today today. I also got hurt bad in the wreck flying into the windshield, cutting up my face. Plastic surgery followed but as a sophmore my face healed enough to play football. The paint sniff gig had been around the age of 12-13 as far as I can remember. Things escalated and by high school time my troubles were growing. In my junior year in high school, one night with a friend we broke into a auto repair shop. There they had a sports car, the same model as mine. The car had a duel-line holley carburator on it and looked very nice. I unbolted the carburator and took it home with me, eventually getting caught and arrested.

My troubles didn't end there either. There were many that followed as the hurt from a broken home and being burned badly as a child at around age 3 had scarred me, among other things, some I have a hunch about, others I don't know of. Eventually, around age 20, I was put on county probabtion for being in so much mischief until finally the county had enough. At this point, I was offered a difficult choice.....I will stop the story at this point as I live in a small town where people are very sinful, hypocritical, and judgmental.

The end of the story is great though. Yes, I got in more trouble, and some extremely serious things happened, but in my deepest and darkest moment I met a MAN that did the impossible. Inside of a jail cell, far, far, away from home, in an instant, I met the ONE that tells the sun to shine!. The visitation I had was sort of a trance-like experience where there was the presence of a Being in my cell with me. THIS WAS IT! A moment of a lifetime was given to me! I do not know if it was God or God's messenger, as I was too much into a trance-like state of consciousness for a time. But that night, everything changed! I had started reading the bible a few months before this but now I was devouring the bible. I had been Born Again spiritually! I read the word of God from cover to cover 5 times, then 10, then 15, then 20, then at 25 I stopped counting!

Today at age 59, I have been pursuing and studying Christian Apologetics for more than 25 years. Before that, I was also advancing as a learned Christian exegete up until God gave the grace to move into Apologetics.

Today I am a (small time) Christian writer and have written in my local newspaper 52 weeks a year for 6 years. By God's grace I have passed the shallow Christian mind level and have studied to be approved daily as a reliable exegete and Apologist for my faith. I work the Facebook platform with my Christian page and have a large following on my Facebook ministry page called Christian Defense. I am also blessed to work with a countless number of others in doctrinal and social issues around the clock being really blessed for being given a second chance to make a difference in time and especially for eternity!.

I am available for any problem you may have in understanding the bible or just even if you have lost hope. I am a well of encouragment! I welcome you to give me a call at 361.258.1912 if you seriously need help. My email is

In summary, Brian Craig is no ordinary person. Now I have another battle that I fight daily. With my God-given grace at being blessed to teach at the level I am at, I am often amazed at the paradox that I will live the rest of my life as an unpopular person, because people love the false teachings and they just seem to love having a shallow Christian mind, and are very afraid someone will notice! So please pray for me because that's how I roll, and that is just fine with me!